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Building Inspections Bill Given Committee Approval

March 06, 2013

The House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee on Local Government today voted in favor of HB 120 -- Building Inspections/Local Consistency. The bill would make several changes related to the N.C. Building Code, including limiting the residential inspections local governments could conduct to the eight specific areas referenced in the Code, and extending the revision cycle for the residential code from three years to six years.
Local inspectors have expressed concern that the bill will restrict their ability to conduct needed safety inspections that address local conditions, such as in the case of additional inspections in high wind zones along the coast and in the mountains. Any jurisdiction wishing to require local inspections beyond those specified in the Code would have to bring their request before the N.C. Building Code Council and have it individually approved.

Proponents of the bill stressed the need for statewide code uniformity in order to simplify standards for builders doing business in multiple jurisdictions. The bill was originally set to be referred to the House Finance Committee, but indications are that it may now go directly to the House floor.

Posted on March 06, 2013 by Chris Nida