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Boards & Commissions Bill Could Be Headed For Conference Committee

March 05, 2013

On Monday night the House gave final approval to its version of SB 10 – Government Reorganization and Efficiency Act. The bill, which would eliminate several boards and commissions as currently constituted and then reform those same boards – often with different membership qualifications, numbers of members, and appointing officials – differs substantially from the version that was previously passed by the Senate. As a result, if the Senate votes not to concur with the House version, the bill will be sent to conference committee in order for the two chambers to work out a compromise.

Following a great deal of action on the bill last week, no changes were made on the floor Monday night. One of the boards that would be altered by the bill is the N.C. Environmental Management Commission, which the League follows closely as part of its regulatory advocacy program. The version of the bill sent to the Senate eliminates the current seat reserved for a municipal official, but it retains one at-large appointment currently held by another municipal official.

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Posted on March 05, 2013 by Chris Nida