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Up Front, a message from the President

April 06, 2016

Several year back, the League came up with its “elevator speech,” a concise but all-encompassing description of what the organization is and is not. You see those words now in League news releases and other correspondence. They read, “The North Carolina League of Municipalities is a membership association of 540 great hometowns – representing nearly every municipality in the state. The League advocates for its members, from the largest city to the smallest village, on the full range of legislative issues that affect municipalities. For more than 100 years, the League has promoted – and continues to promote – good government by offering non-partisan advocacy, insurance and other services – as directed by its membership.”

Those words and the meaning they contain are especially relevant right now. Of course, the League’s advocacy for its members and for the preservation of local decision-making authority is often on public display, whether at legislative committee meetings or on the front pages of the newspaper. Less public are those services referenced that are directed by and to the membership.

Right now, the services include a series of public meetings that the League’s Risk Management Services team is holding around the state. These meetings provide an opportunity to let members know not just about the insurance offerings, but also the array of services that accompany those offerings. They include things like a Personal Care Management program and educational programs for police officers designed to reduce liability. From our experiences in Elkin, I know that the RMS team provides personal service when it comes to claims and property reviews, whether it involves Worker’s Compensation or Property and Liability. As reflected in those words above, what the Risk Management Services team is doing right now demonstrates that the League truly is a full-service organization.
- Lestine Hutchens

Posted on April 06, 2016 by Scott Mooneyham