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 Municipal Advocacy Goals/Policy Development 

Members drive the League's policy development process. Municipal officials study the issues,
municipal officials recommend the League's legislative direction and the Board of Directors
then approves, and the membership adopts the Municipal Advocacy Goals.

The League has four means of expressing
its policies:

  1. The Core Municipal Principles are the broad, bedrock concepts for which the League and its membership stand.
  2. The Municipal Advocacy Goals identify the issues that the membership has determined are of the highest priority for a particular two-year legislative cycle. The League members and staff focus their time and resources on actively seeking the items in the goals package and on protecting the membership from legislation that is counter to these positions.
  3. Position statements represent the League's stance on legislation or regulations that have been introduced but may not be fully covered by the Core Municipal Principles or Municipal Advocacy Goals. Position statements are only applicable during the two-year legislative cycle.
  4. Endorsements are generally at a member city's request and are a statement of approval of proposals that are not included in the Municipal Advocacy Goals. League staff will assist with the legislation as time and resources allow, but the member city takes the lead on obtaining a sponsor and getting a bill introduced.