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 Legislative Advocacy 

Welcome to the Legislative Advocacy home page

Thank you for visiting the Legislative Advocacy home page of the North Carolina League of Municipalities. Here you will find all the latest updates on pending legislation, issues of importance to municipalities, regulatory affairs, League events and more.

The Legislative Advocacy section of the website is also where you can sign up for League LINC, the League’s grassroots initiative. For more on League LINC, click on Get Involved on the left-hand side of this page, or click here to set up your League LINC account.

Thank you for your interest in the League’s legislative activity, and check back frequently for more updates.


October 17 LINC'ed IN Now Available

It was quite the time at CityVision 2014, the League's annual conference held earlier this week. From the speeches to the awards to the just plain fun, read all about the happenings in Greensboro in this week's LINC'ed IN. If that weren't enough, the week also included some legislative talk about privilege license taxes and there was a court ruling about Charlotte's airport. Find out about that and more in this week's LINC'ed IN.

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Posted on October 17, 2014 by Scott Mooneyham

October 10 LINC'ed IN Now Available

It would be a crime not to read this week's LINC'ed IN. Why? Because you might miss out on reading about crimes rates falling in a number of North Carolina cities. That's not the only reason to take a look. There's something to learn about wastewater spillscommunity development grants and urban commuting. So stay connected with this week's LINC'ed IN

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Posted on October 10, 2014 by Scott Mooneyham

October 3 LINC'ed IN Now Available

Who knew a bunch of new laws were taking effect this week? LINC'ed IN, that's who. Read this week's LINC'ed IN to find out about the new laws, as well as the League entering formal comments on behalf of municipalities regarding new proposed rules regulating fracking. There's also a bit about movement afoot -- young creative classers moving downtown. It can all be found in this week's LINC'ed IN.

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Posted on October 03, 2014 by Scott Mooneyham

We Want YOU!! Help us set future League policy...

It's that time of the year again - the North Carolina League of Municipalities is accepting applications for all four of our policy committees, and we want YOU to join us! The policy committees receive the latest legislative updates, hear specialized presentations from political leaders, and most importantly guide the League's policy development process. So, whether you're an expert in any of the municipal issues below, or you just want to learn more about the topics and enjoy the legislative process, we have a committee that is perfect for you! All committees are open to municipal elected officials and staff, with terms lasting two years.

The best news of all -- it's easy to apply! Just fill out this form no later than October 31, 2014. You can email it to, fax it to (919) 301-1012, or best of all, drop it off in-person at the League's CityVision 2014 annual conference!

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Posted on October 01, 2014 by Cara Bridges

September 26 LINC'ed IN Now Available

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Posted on September 26, 2014 by Scott Mooneyham

September 19 LINC'ed IN Now Available

Are you ready to take a drive with us? This week's LINC'ed IN opens to door to Governor Pat McCrory's latest transportation plan. And just when you thought everything about the legislative session was over, well, it is. The governor signed a couple of remaining bills on his desk. He also announced that he would not be calling legislators back for a special session this year. Read about these developments and more in this week's LINC'ed IN.

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Posted on September 19, 2014 by Scott Mooneyham

September 12 LINC'ed IN Now Available

With fall right around the corner, it's a busy time for the League and municipalities around the state. Read this week's LINC'ed IN to learn all about the goings-on here and there. They include the League's continuing policy development process. Meanwhile, Wilson's push to seek preemption of a state broadband law has gained national attention. In Asheville, municipal officials celebrated a huge federal transportation grant. Read about it all in this week's LINC'ed IN.

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Posted on September 15, 2014 by Scott Mooneyham

September 5 LINC'ed IN Now Available

With the Legislature having adjourned, LINC'ed IN, our weekly publication during the interim period, returns this week. In this week's LINC'ed IN, learn how the League would like to see legislators come back to Raleigh to take up a limited number of economic development matters. Also read about how two different cities are discussing law enforcement-related policies. That and more news is here in this week's LINC'ed IN.

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Posted on September 05, 2014 by Scott Mooneyham

League Calls for Special Legislative Session

After hearing concerns expressed by cities and towns from across the state, the League this morning delivered a letter to Governor Pat McCrory calling for a special legislative session to consider crucial funding for economic development programs and the extension of film and historic preservation tax credits. As Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo so succinctly put it, "The elimination of key economic development programs and incentives puts the livelihood and economic competitiveness of our state in great peril." 
The need for legislative action is real. Legislators had the opportunity to approve stand-alone jobs recruiting legislation, as well as a stand-alone film and historic preservation tax credit bill. Instead, these proposals became entangled in other legislation, and legislators left Raleigh without approving programs critical to bringing in new jobs and maintaining existing jobs.
In the letter urging Governor McCrory to convene a special legislative session, the League asked that he specifically limit the session -- as the State Constitution allows him to do -- to Commerce Department-related jobs recruiting programs and film and historic preservation tax credits. The letter to McCrory can be seen here; a separate letter from Mayor Saffo asking all North Carolinians to join in the call for a special session to address these issues can be viewed here.
North Carolina and its municipalities, which are so vital to the state's economic growth, cannot afford a timeout when it comes to job recruiting and job creation. The state faces the real possibility that Commerce Department programs critical to inducing new businesses to come here will run out of money, even as large employers weigh North Carolina communities as potential business sites against communities in other states.  Many cities and towns also face the possibility of seeing historic rehabilitation projects, with the potential to create hundreds or even thousands of jobs in total, falling apart without historic preservation tax credits. And the loss of film tax credits will mean the loss of film and TV production jobs.
Please contact Governor McCrory's office and your Legislators to ask them to support a special legislative session to take up these measures so essential to economic development and job creation. 

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Posted on September 04, 2014 by Scott Mooneyham

NCLM 2014 End of Session Bulletin

Please find linked below the League's 2014 End of Session Bulletin, featuring an in-depth look at the accomplishments of cities and towns during the past legislative session, as well as the legislation and issues affecting them. This document includes summaries of dozens of bills that the League lobbied during the session. Click the link below to access all 50 pages of the End of Session Bulletin.


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Posted on September 04, 2014 by Government Affairs Team

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