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Office of the Executive Director

Paul Meyer, Executive Director
Phone: 919-715-3930
Fax: 919-301-1070

Jennifer Webb, Executive Liaison
Phone: 919-715-1726
Fax: 919-301-1019

Communications and Member Relations

Najuma Thorpe, Director of Communications and Member Relations
Phone: 919-715-3931
Fax: 919-301-1071

Angel Sutton, Communications & Member Relations Assistant
Phone: 919-715-2903

Jessica Wells, Communications Specialist
Phone: 919-715-3929

Meeting Planning

Athena Banks, Meeting Planner
Phone: 919-715-2908
Fax: 919-715-9552

Diane Godwin, Principal Meeting Planner
Phone: 919-733-2635
Fax: 919-715-9781

Member Relations

Rob Shepherd, Jr., Manager of Member Relations and Education
Phone: 919-715-9767
Fax: 919-301-1108

Melissa Smith, Member Relations Specialist
Phone: 919-715-3927
Fax: 919-301-1068


Linda Black, Chief Finance Officer
Phone: 919-715-8719
Fax: 919-301-1104

Joe Corey, Senior Accountant
Phone: 919-733-3302
Fax: 919-301-1006

Wendy Hales, Accountant
Phone: 919-715-9769
Fax: 919-301-1110

Danise Hobson, Accounting Supervisor
Phone: 919-715-2916
Fax: 919-301-1049

Tisha Newkirk, Accounting Technician
Phone: 919-715-3924
Fax: 919-301-1067

Wanda Veasey, Financial Assistant
Phone: 919-715-2218
Fax: 919-301-1020

Patricia Wagner, Controller
Phone: 919-715-3939
Fax: 919-301-1078

Governmental Affairs

Christopher Nida, Director of Research and Policy Analysis
Phone: 919-715-3945
Fax: 919-301-1082

Rose Vaughn Williams, Director of Government Affairs
Phone: 919-715-2911
Fax: 919-301-1044

Sarah Collins, Regulatory Affairs Associate
Phone: 919-715-2919
Fax: 919-301-1051

Shawnda Martin, Governmental Affairs Intern

Vickie Miller, Grassroots Coordinator
Phone: 919-715-8835
Fax: 919-301-1066

Scott Mooneyham, Advocacy Communications Strategist
Phone: 919-715-9768
Fax: 919-301-1109

Karen Waddell, Governmental Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 919-715-0950
Fax: 919-301-1012

Erin Wynia, Legislative and Regulatory Issues Manager
Phone: 919-715-4126
Fax: 919-301-1089

Human Resources

Michael Naylor, Director of Human Resources and Operations
Phone: 919-715-3915
Fax: 919-301-1059

Shelia Morton, Human Resources Generalist
Phone: 919-715-6655
Fax: 919-301-1094

Information Technology

Ryan Draughn, Chief Information Officer/Business Director
Phone: 919- 715-2915
Fax: 919-301-1048

Jody Hartley, III, Network Administrator
Phone: 919-715-3922
Fax: 919-301-1022

Stacey Hypes, Database Administrator
Phone: 919-715-2235
Fax: 919-301-1025

Fawn Watson, Senior Programmer Analyst
Phone: 919-715-7719
Fax: 919-301-1097


Kim Hibbard, General Counsel
Phone: 919-715-3936
Fax: 919-301-1076

Kay Emanuel, Staff Associate
Phone: 919-715-3935
Fax: 919-301-1075

John Phelps, Associate General Counsel
Phone: 919-715-3920
Fax: 919-301-1062

Gregg Schwitzgebel, Associate General Counsel
Phone: 919-715-3937
Fax: 919-301-1077

Risk Management Services

Robert Haynes, Associate Director of Risk Manangement Services & Member Services
Phone: 919-715-2900
Fax: 919-301-1036

Kristy Barefoot, Executive Assistant
Phone: 919-715-2904
Fax: 919-301-1038


Steve Lee, Director of Claims
Phone: 919-733-3106
Fax: 919-301-1004

Kathy Battle, Claims Assistant I
Phone: 919-715-6657
Fax: 919-301-1095

Michael Bryant, Property and Liability Field Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-0490
Fax: 919-301-1010

Karen Cardwell, Workers' Compensation Medical Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-2907
Fax: 919-301-1041

Annette Charping, Manager of Workers' Compensation Medical
Phone: 919-715-0407
Fax: 919-301-1009

Mary Correia, Claims Administrative Supervisor
Phone: 919-715-2301
Fax: 919-301-1027

Lynn Culbreth, Workers' Compensation Medical Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-8730
Fax: 919-301-1083

Terri Dowd, Claims Assistant I
Phone: 919-715-1696
Fax: 919-301-1084

Audrey Downing, Property and Liability Claims Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-6653
Fax: 919-301-1093

Max Eatman, Property and Liability Field Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-1229
Fax: 919-301-1016

Jane Hardy, Workers' Compensation Lost Time Adjuster
Phone: 919-733-2634
Fax: 919-301-1002

Tisha Harrison, Claims Assistant I
Phone: 919-715-4328
Fax: 919-301-1092

Charles Hines, Property and Liability Field Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-8731
Fax: 919-301-1113

Brittney Hunter, Workers' Compensation Medical Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-3947
Fax: 919-301-1024

Ashley Knotts, Claims Assistant I
Phone: 919-733-3015
Fax: 919-301-1003

Ray Ledford, Contract Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-4324
Fax: 919-301-1091

Joel Livengood, Property & Liability Field Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-2298
Fax: 919-301-1026

Joshua Lunsford, Claims Assistant III
Phone: 919-715-2403
Fax: 919-301-1028

Chris MacKay, Property and Liability Claims Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-1220
Fax: 919-301-1014

Charlotte Martin, Property and Liability Claims Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-0743
Fax: 919-301-1011

Frank Miller, Property and Liability Field Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-0353
Fax: 919-301-1008

Amy Neisen, Senior Workers' Compensation Lost Time Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-8965
Fax: 919-301-1105

Helen Richardson, Claims Assistant II
Phone: 919-715-4319
Fax: 919-301-1090

Dave Robertson, Property and Liability Field Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-2556
Fax: 919-301-1029

Cyndi Smith, Manager of Workers' Compensation Lost Time Claims
Phone: 919-715-8997
Fax: 919-301-1106

Sharon Tart, Workers' Compensation Lost Time Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-2717
Fax: 919-301-1033

Ruth Thompson, Workers' Compensation Lost Time Adjuster
Phone: 919-715-2557
Fax: 919-301-1030

William Wilson, Manager of Property and Liability Claims
Phone: 919-715-2909
Fax: 919-301-1042

Field Services

Bryan Leaird, Director of Field Services
Phone: (919) 715-2905
Fax: (919) 301-1039

Tom Anderson, Public Saftey Risk Management Consultant
Phone: 704-517-8496

Angela Greene, Member Services Field Consultant
Phone: 919-715-1249
Fax: 919-301-1017

Lisa Kinsey, Member Services Field Consultant
Phone: 919-715-2222
Fax: 919-301-1021

Paul Miller, Risk Management Field Consultant
Phone: 919-715-2223
Fax: 919-301-1023

Brenda Rich, Risk Management Services Assistant
Phone: 919-715-2902
Fax: 919-301-1037

Amy Whisnant, Risk Management Field Consultant
Phone: 919-715-2921
Fax: 919-301-1052

Hartwell Wright, Human Resources Consultant
Phone: 919-715-0352
Fax: 919-301-1007

Michael Young, Risk Management Field Consultant
Phone: 919-715-3913
Fax: 919-301-1057

Health Benefits Trust

Julie Hall, Director of Health Programs
Phone: 919-715-9782
Fax: 919-301-1111

Lisa Ervin, Wellness and Health Benefits Administrator
Phone: 919-715-7973
Fax: 919-301-1099


Mark Rockett, Director of Property and Casualty Underwriting
Phone: 919-715-2910
Fax: 919-301-1043

Patrice Adams, Property and Casualty Underwriter
Phone: 919-715-9549
Fax: 919-301-1157

Gary Burkhardt, Workers Compensation Auditor/Underwriter
Phone: 919-715-2914
Fax: 919-301-1047

Ariele D'Angelo, Property and Casualty Underwriter
Phone: 919-715-8151
Fax: 919-301-1101

Ryan Ezzell, Property and Casualty Underwriting Supervisor
Phone: 919-733-2633
Fax: 919-301-1001

Steven Hulme, Workers Compensation Auditor/Underwriter
Phone: 919-715-3923
Fax: (919) 301-1064