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 About The League 

What is the North Carolina League of Municipalities?

We are a membership association of more than 540 great hometowns. For more than 100 years, we have promoted – and continue to promote – good government by offering non-partisan advocacy, insurance and other services -- as directed by our membership.

The League is a nonpartisan federation of more than 540 cities, towns and villages in North Carolina.


  • Advocate for municipalities at the state and federal level.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among municipal officials.
  • Promote excellence and efficiency in municipal government.
  • Provide services and information that will help municipal officials meet the needs of their citizens.


The North Carolina League of Municipalities is a nonpartisan association of municipalities in North Carolina. The mission of the League is to enhance the quality of life in municipalities through excellent municipal governance. The League carries out this mission by:

  1. Providing member services that strengthen and support excellence in municipal government.
  2. Engaging members, staff and stakeholders in representing municipal issues and interests.
  3. Developing municipal leaders who can address the needs and interests of their citizens.

Core Municipal Values

Core values define how the League lives its mission. They are not compromised for expediency or financial gain. They withstand changes in the environment over time. They stand for what the League wishes to be, and wishes to be known for. They help provide guidance and inspiration for members and staff. They reflect the soul of the League as an organization, and as such are essential to sustaining the character of the League.

The League will be:
Ethical; financially sound; open and transparent; fair; equitable; innovative; forward-thinking; non-partisan; inclusive and collaborative as it engages partners, stakeholders and external entities.

The League will stand for:

  • Good government and the value of public service.
  • The principle that municipalities matter.
  • Citizens working together within municipalities and municipalities working together through the League.

The League's Board of Directors supports ensuring that these values and beliefs are reflected in the League's systems, structures, processes and decisions.