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 Vision 2030 

"Building North Carolina, one hometown at a time."

In 2014, the League’s Board of Directors, in partnership with the UNC School of Government, initiated a process to establish a vision of how cities and towns will operate in 2030. Vision 2030 was born of a desire to allow North Carolina cities and towns and their residents to chart a course that will enable all -- regardless of size or make-up – to thrive, to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, and to continue to reflect their own diverse visions for themselves. (See the Vision 2030 video below incorporating those themes.) The League’s member cities and towns have now completed this outward-facing process to establish a vision for the future.  From this expansive process, stakeholders identified a list of Disruptive Trends affecting cities and towns, followed by 10 Strategic Challenges facing cities and towns all across North Carolina. Based upon those findings, the League’s Board of Directors agreed upon and prioritized six operating principles, guideposts of where cities and towns should be by 2030.


Six Operating Principles

By 2030:

  1. Municipal governments exercise greater control over their revenues, structures, and functions.
  2. Municipalities demonstrate the value they add to the community’s quality of life.
  3. Technology is widely used for service delivery, citizen engagement, and economic development.
  4. Municipalities widely practice productive partnerships with counties, other governments, and the private sector.
  5. Urban and rural municipalities routinely work together for economic success.
  6. Municipalities are able to quickly adapt to cultural and demographic changes in their communities.

Four Planning Pillars

Now that the NCLM Board of Directors, led by its Strategic Visioning Task Force, has established and adopted its Vision 2030, we are at the place to answer the question, “How can the League help NC municipal governments reach their BEST future?” At the most basic level, to become a transformative organization for the fulfillment of Vision 2030, the League must execute in these four strategic areas:

  • Reaching and Empowering North Carolina Citizens
  • Improving NCLM Political Positioning and Influence
  • Expanding Effectiveness and Value of Membership Services
  • Bolstering Leadership Development of City Officials
  • It is upon these strategic planning pillars that the components of a much larger plan will be developed by the League staff, with Board input-- starting today, and moving into 2016 and beyond.


To get us started in serving cities and towns at a level and in a way to enable them to achieve Vision 2030, our organization must be prepared to:

  • Operate a state of the art communication machine and information dispatch service
  • Develop a strong, diverse, and well organized political network – including citizens
  • Grow and advance municipal leaders from all across North Carolina
  • Provide a new array of cost-saving, municipal-specific services
  • Serve as a trusted ally and provider of expert technical assistance
  • Convene units of government and the private sector, to tackle tough issues

I am confident that the plan we build will support cities and towns in meaningful ways far into the future, and push us to the next level of achievement for the betterment of local communities.


Paul Meyer,

Executive Director

NC League of Municipalities

Access the Vision 2030 .pdf information here.