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 Strategic Planning 

Mission Statement

The mission of the League is to enhance the quality of life in municipalities through excellent municipal governance.  


Core Values

The Core Values of the League are:

The League will be:

  • Ethical
  • Financially sound
  • Open and transparent
  • Fair, equitable
  • Innovative, forward thinking
  • Non-partisan
  • Inclusive and collaborative as it engages partners, stakeholders, and external entities

The League will stand for:

  • Good government and the value of public service
  • The principle that municipalities matter
  • Citizens working together within municipalities and municipalities working together through the League


2015 Objectives


  1. Ensure strong League financials through growing recurring revenues, and implementing cost containment and efficiency improvements
  2. Foster an active, engaged membership to fully leverage the power of NCLM, through cross departmental collaboration, stellar customer service and strategic project execution
  3. Maximixe talent utilization and support professional development through positive employee engagement