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 Strategic Planning 

Mission Statement

The mission of the League is to enhance the quality of life in municipalities through excellent municipal governance.  


Core Values

The Core Values of the League are:

The League will be:

  • Ethical
  • Financially sound
  • Open and transparent
  • Fair, equitable
  • Innovative, forward thinking
  • Non-partisan
  • Inclusive and collaborative as it engages partners, stakeholders, and external entities

The League will stand for:

  • Good government and the value of public service
  • The principle that municipalities matter
  • Citizens working together within municipalities and municipalities working together through the League


2015 Objectives

Ensure strong league financials:

  • Add/Subtract products/services (mix);
  • ID & provide core services desired by the membership, in a financially sustainable manner;
  • Promote the value of services to the membership;
  • Enhance/protect the revenue stream by promoting the value proposition; and,
  • Ensure viability of RMS programs, with special emphasis on the health program.

Maintain active, engaged membership and leverage the power of NCLM to:

  • Assure the best possible results for our legislative lobbying efforts particularly in retaining essential municipal authority and revenues;
  • Provide comprehensive risk management services that result in stable pricing, coverage and service; and,
  • Provide other products and services as identified and validated by the membership that leverages the collective power of the organization        


2011 Initiatives

Commander’s Intent:  If we do nothing else, we will determine what services the League
should provide, the cost associated with those services, how they should be paid for and
saving measures or revenue enhancements that will be identified.


Commander’s Intent:  If we do nothing else, we will establish a sustainable revenue structure that enables the League to deliver targeted, essential services to the membership while maintaining stable reserves.


Commander’s IntentIf we do nothing else, we will increase employee commitment and pride in serving the membership, resulting in greater employee awareness of the mission of the League.


Commander’s Intent:  If we do nothing else, we will develop and implement a
strategic internal & external communication plan to more effectively and efficiently
communicate the value and leverage the strength of the NCLM membership (to include all programs and services).