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 Risk Management Field Services Programs 

Do you want to improve your accident record and avoid lawsuits? The North Carolina League of Municipalities Risk Management Services maintains a team of professional risk management and employee safety consultants for the benefit of participants in either the Workers' Compensation or Proberty & Liability Trusts.

Professional loss control & loss prevention services are provided by Risk Management Services' highly trained field services consultants. Consultants work with members individually to provide extensive training programs and assist in development of safety programs specifically designed for municipalities. They also conduct hazard identification and property surveys and conduct in-depth loss control program evaluation assessments.

 These programs include:

  • Body Armor grants are available to participants in the Workers' Compensation pool to purchase police protective body equipment.
  • Onsite surveys to identify specific loss exposures, which can be supplemented with a special buildings and property hazards survey. Combining the survey results with an analysis of your claims history reports, your field consultant will provide a written report containing individualized loss reduction and control recommendations.
  • Onsite consultation in response to individual and specific needs. Our risk management field consultants can help you investigate serious accidents and incidents, to learn how to make your workplace safer for your employees.
  • Education and training opportunities. Risk management field consultants conduct regional sessions or are available to individual members, on topics ranging from general compliance issues to specific and critical exposures.


Call 1-800-228-0986 and ask for Risk Management Field Services.

Safety Catch

An online training program for your employers. Click here for more information on Safety Catch and courses offered.

Contact Us

Bryan Leaird, ARM-P
Director of Field Services
308 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone: 919-715-2905

Toll Free: 1-800-228-0986