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 Audio, Book and Video Library 

Welcome to the NCLM Risk Management Services EAP Video, Audio, and Book Lending Library, where you'll find hundreds of videos, audio programs, and books on employee assistance program topics. To make your visit easier, we've included a table of contents and an original order form (last page) that can be copied as needed.

Items are available to you at no charge and can be borrowed for up to two weeks. Please call Lisa Ervin at 919-715-7973 to reserve any item, and plan in advance whenever possible. In most cases, the library only has one copy of each item, and they're loaned out on a first come, first serve basis. If you need an item for a specific activity, please send your request in early to reserve it for that particular date. If you need an item longer than two weeks, please call Lisa to discuss the possibility of an extended loan. If there is no one on the waiting list, we will be happy to accommodate your request.

EAP Lending Library is broken down into specific categories and topics, with video, audio, and book selections further divided within each group. The title of the item and the corresponding "order number" are printed on the same line(s). Information about authors and producers are also included where available. For your convenience, please use the Lending Library Order Form. Enjoy the collection!

Contact Lisa Ervin at 919-715-7973 to learn more.

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain SyndromeWB-60
Open To The Public - Complying With The American with Disabilities ActW-3
The Basics of the Americans with Disabilities ActW-2
Willing And Able ( ADA)W-1
Holistic AgingDVD-1
Nutrition & AgingDVD-2
Retirement & Well BeingDVD-3
  Audio Tapes
Breathing: The Master Key to Self HealingWA-108
Complementary/Alternative Medicine From Around The WorldWA=140
The Ancient Wellness Secrets Of Traditional Oriental Medicine (2 tape series)WA-74
The Mozart Effect: Using the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit (2 tape series)WA-95
Why People Don't Heal (2 tape series)WA-91
Amazing Kitchen CuresWB-175
Graedon's Best Medicine: From Herbal Remedies to High-Tex Rx BreakthroughsWB-43
Healing with VitaminsWW-100
Medicine/Prescriptions: The People's PharmacyWB-41
Natural Health SecretsWB-16
The Doctors Book of Food RemediesWB-153
The Green Pharmacy (Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases and Conditions from the World's Foremost Authority on Herbs)WB-52
The Herbal DrugstoreWB-147
The People's Pharmacy (2 books)WB-42
The People's Pharmacy Guide to Home & Herbal RemediesWB-121
Uncommon Cures for Everyday AilmentsWB-141
Vitamins, Minerals & Dietary SupplementsWW-64
Connect: The Power of Human RelationshipsW-211
Health & Hunches: Unlocking Your IntuitionW-212
Herbal Supplements: "What Works, What Doesn't"W-209
Pressure Points: Self-Help AcupressureW-206
Reflexology: The Timeless Art of Self HealingW-208
Science & The Power of PrayerW-210
The Energetics of Healing (2 tapes series)W-207
Three Levels of Power and How to Use ThemW-331
Why People Don't Heal and How They CanW-205
Managing AngerWB-160
Soft AnswersWB-161
  Audio Tapes
Exercise Beats ArthritisWB-80
Mayo Clinic on Chronic PainWB-111
Arthritis Foundation's GuideWB-169
Fibromyalgia for DummiesWB-170
Good Living With Fibromyalgia: Activities For A Better LifeWB-168
Mayo Clinic On ArthritisWB-72
Mayo Clinic On OsteoporosisWB-197
Parting The Fog - The Personal Side of FibromyalgiaWB-148
The Fibromyalgia Nutrition GuideWB-171
The Fibromyalgia ReliefWB-137
The Fibromyalgia SurvivorWB-134
Exercise Can Beat ArthritisW-6
Feeling Good With ArthritisW-4
Healing Circles: Choice in ArthritisW-322
Time Life Medical: Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)W-5
  Audio Tapes
Keeping Your Back Healthy WA-36
Freedom From Back PainW-17
Have A ChairW-9
Healthy Back ExerciseW-16
Healthy Back Exercise (extra copy)W-267
It's Your Back: At Work, At PlayW-11
It's Your Back: At Work, At Play (second copy)W-255
No More Back PainW-15
Part 1 - On the Job
Part 2 - At Home
Part 3 - Computer Workstation
Part 4 - Proper Lifting Techniques
Preventing BackachesW-10
Stop Back Pain Now!W-14
The Mystery Of The BackW-8
Time Life Medical: Back Pain (Lower Back)W-13
  Audio Tapes
Partners In Cancer Control: Creating Worksite ProgramsWA-13
The Race Is Run -- One Step at a Time (Breast Cancer)WB-4
Alternative Approaches to CancerW-29
Assessing Your Risk For Breast CancerW-30
Beyond Flowers: What do Say/Do When Someone You Know Has Breast CancerW-275
Breast Cancer: Replacing Fear With FactsW-22
CEO to CEO-Women in the Workplace: The Challenge of Breast CancerW-18
Get A New Attitude About Cancer (Focus on African American Women)W-19
Once a Year for a Lifetime: Early Breast Cancer DetectionW-311
Reduce Your Risks of Osteoporosis and Breast Cancer
Shopping for Women's Health:W-23
Taking Control (Cancer Risk Factor Reduction For Men and Women)W-21
Time Life Medical: Breast CancerW-24
Time Life Medical: Breast LumpsW-25
Time Life Medical: Colon & Rectal CancerW-26
Time Life Medical: Skin CancerW-27
Women's Guide to Mammotome: The Easier BiopsyW-28
Cholesterol Management: Calcium - A Summary of Current Research for the Health ProfessionalWB-18
Cardiovascular "Nutrition 2000"W-220
Cholesterol - It Doesn't Take A Genius To Know The NumbersW-219
Cholesterol & DietW-221
How to be A Low-Fat Eater in a High-Fat WorldW-294
  Audio Tapes
And Their Families
Health Consumerism And Wellness: Self-Managed Care For Your EmployeesWA-40
Health On-Line, Health On-Disk, & The Empowered Health Care ConsumerWA-67
Healther Consumerism and Wellness: Self-Managed Care for Your Employees and Their FamiliesWA-40
Medical Self Care in the WorkplaceWA-45
The Future Of Health CareWA-49
Trends Affecting The Field - What The Future HoldsWA-38
2000 Bottom Line Year BookWB-206
2001 Bottom Line Year BookWB-207
2002 Bottom Line Year BookWB-208
Dr. Koop's Self-Care AdvisorWB-88
Health Cost Management Handbook (Strategies for Employers)WB-3
Healthwise Handbook (Family-Based Self Care)WB-5
Natural Health SecretsWB-16
Take Care of Yourself (Self-Care Guide)WB-15
The Book of Vitality: A Practical Guide to Everyday Self-CareWB-46
Well Advised: Your Guide for Making Smart Health DecisionsWB-150
Advance Medical DirectivesDVD-4
Choosing A DoctorW-32
Healthcare Consumerism: Women & Self CareW-332
Home Care By Your Side/ Home Care for Older AdultsV-259
How To Talk To Your Doctor (2nd Tape)W-328
How To Talk To Your Doctor (Tape 1)W-42
Prepared for Health Care: A Consumer's Guide To Better Medical DecisionsW-31
The Rising Cost of Health CareW-41
The Rising Cost Of Health Care- Part IIDVD-17
Understanding Home Health CareW-33
Understanding Mental Health CareW-35
Understanding Workers' CompensationW-34
Who Shall Be Healed?W-39
Why Health Care Costs So MuchV-55
Wise Use Of The Emergency RoomW-37
Wise Use Of The Health Care SystemW-36
  Audio Tapes
Anxiety & Depression: The Thieves of Life EnergyWA-136
Molecules of Emotion-Why You Feel the Way You Feel (2 tape series)WA-98
Depression, Diabetes & StressW-266
Depression, Separating Myths from FactsW-337
Depression: Separating Myths form FactsDVD-19
Downtime- Guide to Clinical DepressionW-48
End of Life Decisions: Advance DirectivesW-38
Time Life Medical: DepressionW-49
Women and DepressionW-101
101 Foot Care Tips for People with DiabetesWB-193
101 Medication Tips for People with DiabetesWB-190
101 Nutrition Tips for People with DiabetesWB-188
101 Tips for Aging Well with DiabetesWB-195
101 Tips for Coping with DiabetesWB-192
101 Tips for Improving Your Blood SugarWB-187
101 Tips for Simplifying DiabetesWB-191
101 Tips for Staying Healthy with DiabetesWB-194
101 Weight Loss Tips for Preventing and Controlling DiabetesWB-189
12 Things You Must Know About Diabetes Care Right NowWB-182
Diabetes 101WB-69
Diabetes A to ZWB-179
Magic Menus for People With DiabetesWB-178
Managing Diabetes On A BudgetWB-181
Myths of a "Diabetic Diet"WB-146
Southern-Style Diabetic CookingWB-183
The Common Sense Guide to to Weight Loss for People with DiabetesWB-196
The I Hate to Exercise Book for People with DiabetesWB-180
The New Soul Food Cookbook for People with DiabetesWB-185
World-Class Diabetic CookingWB-184
Carbohydrate Counting for Persons with DiabetesW-272
Diabetes And ExerciseW-222
Diabetes Team EffortW-263
Diabetes: Common ConditionDVD-9
How to Read the New Food Label for Persons with DiabetesW-230
Obesity & Type II Diabetes (second copy)W-174
Women and DiabetesW-296
How to Deal With Cultural Diversity in the Work PlaceW-346
Healing Adult Children: Children of ViolenceW-54
Protecting Domestic Violence Victims at WorkDVD-16
She Made Me Mad: Inside the Mind of the Abused and the AbuserDVD-5
Stress and Domestic Violence in the Workplace Training KitW-52
Workplace Violence: Assessment & PreventionW-190
How to Care for Aging ParentsWB-58
How Serious Is This?W-109
How To Get What You Really, Really WantW-114
Meeting the Challenge of ChangeW-88
Negotiating Conflict: Addressing Diversity Working with Difficult PeopleW-86
Overcoming Anger: Healing from WithinW-74
Putting Team Esteem To WorkW-94
Simple Choices, Powerful ChangesW-95
Solving People Problems on the JobW-76
Team Esteem: Team ArtistryW-92
Team Esteem: Team EnergyW-91
Team Esteem: Team MissionW-93
Team Esteem: Team TalkW-90
Workplace Relationships: Negotiating ConflictW-85
Workplace Relationships: Working with Difficult PeopleW-87
Workplace Violence: Assessment & PreventionW-190
You Can Do Much More For Your BodyW-170
Eating Disorders Part 1W-59
Eating Disorders Part 2W-60
Ten Components of Non-Addictive EatingW-61
The Problem With FoodW-58
Time Life Medical: Anorexia & BulimiaW-57
Beloved Strangers: Caring for Loved Ones with AlzheimersW-341
By Your Side: Home Care for Older AdultsW-46
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Death & DyingW-80
Guide to Long-Term Care InsuranceW-344
Healthy AgingW-164
Home Care for Older AdultsW-308
Home Nursing CareW-47
Optimal Aging: Slowing Down the ClockW-165
Respite CareW-339
Spiritual Caregiving: Finding Trust & MeaningW-358
  Audio Tapes
Club Ped: Create Your Own Successful Walking ProgramWA-3
Give Me FiveWA-93
Part 1WA-83
Part 2WA-84
Part 3WA-85
Part 4WA-86
Promoting Active Living In The WorkplaceWA-80
Smart Talk: Health & Fitness Stories by Covert Bailey
Brain Gym For BusinessWB-61
Confessions of a Couch PotatoWB-186
Exercise Beats ArthritisB-80
In Shape-Volume 2WB-56
Physical Fitness Coordinator's Manual For Fire DepartmentsWB-7
Promoting Physical Activity A Guide for Community ActionWB-118
Strength Training Past 50WB-66
Taking The Work Out Of Working OutWB-25
The National Bicycling and Walking StudyWB-119
Transportation Choices for a Changing America
2 Mile WalkW-349
20 Minute WorkoutW-373
AB SculptingW-372
ABS Yoga For BeginnersW-138
Accelerated Body SculptingW-371
Advanced Boy SlimmingW-369
Advanced MatworkW-145
Basic Yoga Workout For DummiesW-159
Basics: Step by Step Total Body SlimmingW-377
Be Active: Achieving an Active LifestyleW-282
Chair YogaW-260
Club TrainingW-119
Covert Bailey's How To Get Fit FastW-123
Covert Bailey's Smart ExerciseW-218
Essential MatworkW-146
Exercise - It's Quick And EasyW-121
Exercise & Weight ManagementW-122
Gentle Yoga For BeginnersW-375
Getting Started On Your Nordic TrackW-118
Healing Yoga for Common ConditionsW-303
In Home Walking: Getting StartedW-7
Intermediate MatworkW-137
Joan Lunden: WorkoutW-124
Kathy Smith - Wellness Mind And Body Relaxation SystemW-149
Kathy Smith New YogaW-126
Kathy Smith New Yoga - Basics (Beginner)W-125
Millennium StretchW-152
Move It & Lose ItW-129
New Yoga ChallengerW-350
Pain Free PostureW-363
Power Walk 4 Miles!W-120
Pure VitalityW-260
Relaxation WorkoutW-367
Revive WorkoutW-361
Richard Simmons: Blast OffW-333
Richard Simmons: In the HouseW-316
Salli's Senior WorkoutW-143
Scott Pilates Series: Body & SoulW-368
Shaping Up with Weights for DummiesW-315
Shaping Up with Weights For DummiesW-158
Shaping Up with Weights For Dummies (second copy)V-294
Simple StretchesW-266
Smart ExerciseW-218
Stability Ball WorkoutW-352
Standing TallW-364
Start Here Now: Make Your Body Over in 6 WeeksW-347
Stotts Pilates Series: Be Kind to Your SpineW-365
Strong Women Stay YoungW-142
Sunrise WorkoutW-362
Tae Bo - 8 Minute Workout The Ultimate Total Body WorkoutW-134
Tae Bo - Advanced The Ultimate Total Body WorkoutW-133
Tae Bo - Basic The Ultimate Total Body WorkoutW-132
Tae Bo - Instructional The Ultimate Total Body WorkoutW-131
The Active Lifestyle ConnectionW-269
The Complete AquaJoggerW-135
The Fountain of Youth Five Tibetan Exercises for RejuvenationW-151
The Simplified T'ai Chi WorkoutW-153
Upper Body SculptingW-370
Walk & Firm for Older AdultsW-298
Walk Away The Pounds ExpressW-292
Walk Away The PoundsW-63
Walk Away The Pounds (second copy)W-291
Walking Off WeightW-351
Walking Off Weight (With Workbook)W-12
Weight Training: - Steps To SuccessW-128
Windsor Pilates Series
Yoga for Beginners IIW-376
Yoga For LongevityW-374
Yoga for MeditationW-150
Yoga Zone - Evening Stress Release For BeginnersW-157
Yoga Zone - Introduction to Power Yoga for BeginnersW-154
Yoga Zone - Total Body Conditioning For BeginnersW-156
Yoga Zone - Yoga Basics For BeginnersW-155
Young At Heart: Body Conditioning With EstelleW-130
  Audio Tapes
Financial Wellness: Key To Health, Happiness & ProductivityA-77
Money: The New Wellness Frontier (2 tape series)A-59
Financial Wellness: Key to Health, Happiness & ProductivityW-77
Investing On a ShoestringWB-75
Money: The New Wellness FrontierWA-59
Retirement PlansWB-77
Saving On a ShoestringWB-76
Spend Yourself RichWB-78
The Complete Idiot's Guide To 401(k) PlansWB-79
How to Save Money & Get Out of DebtW-62
The Basics of InvestingW-394
Your 401(k) Plan: Building For RetirementW-64
  Audio Tapes
12 Steps to Lowering Your Fat ThermostatA-51
Eating And Your Busy Lifestyle: Food For The 90'sA-6
Eating on the Run: Healthy Habits For Hectic Lifestyles (Four Tape Series)A-88
Healthy Dividends: Fat's Where It's At In Worksite NutritionA-9
Audio Tapes
Smoking & NutritionV-200
The Food Guide PyramidV-23
  Audio Tapes
Implementing The Longevity Code Program In Today's Healthcare EnvironmentWA-144
Our Personal Wellness JourneyWA-27
Simple Choices/Powerful Changes (2 tape series)WA-97
The Longevity Code: Longer Lives Infused With Greater MeaningWA-150
The Performance ZoneWA-100
Welcome To WellnessWA-32
Well City USA : A National InitiativeWA-33
  Kopy Kits
Aging & EldercareWB-102
All About BacksWB-62
Ergonomics at WorkWB-68
Fitness & NutritionWB-127
General Wellness/Health Promotion Helath Care - CartoonsWB-1
Healthier PeopleWB-53
Keeping Your Company HealthyWB-102
Life Skill BuildersWB-235
Living Well with Chronic ConditionsWB-63
Living Well with DiabetesWB-130
Mayo Clinic on Healthy AgingWB-174
Men's HealthWB-98
People & Problems: Coping Skills for Troubled PersonsWB-233
Preventing Workplace ViolenceWB-149
Stress, Heart Health & Weight ManagementWB-55
Take Action by Health Resource CenterWB-54
The Business Traveler's Guide to Good Health on the RoadWB-22
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Living Longer and HealthierWB-84
University of California: The Wellness EncyclopediaWB-13
Wellness by the MonthWB-104
Wellness for Life (Physical Activity, Nutrition, Weight Control, Stress Management, Chemical Dependence)WB-17
Wishing Well: Making Every Dream Come TrueWB-119
Women's HealthWB-99
"What's Your Real Age?"W-386
8 Weeks to Optimum HealthW-44
Creating A Healthy HomeW-162
Healthy LifestyleW-161
Making Healthy Choices: Healthy EatingW-117
What Everyone Should Know About WellnessW-160
  Audio Tapes
Design A Fantastic Health Fair: A Step-By-Step PlanWA-57
How To Host A Health Fair: Success On A ShoestringWA-78
Health Fairs - Step-By-StepWB-37
Health Fairs - The Healthy WorkplaceWB-104
Healthfest ProgramsW-283
  Audio Tapes
12 Steps to Lowering Your Fat ThermostatWA-51
Eating and Your Busy Lifestyle: Food for the 90sWA-66
Eating on the Run: Healthy Habits For Hectic Lifestyles (4 Tape Series)WA-88
Healthy Dividends: Fat's Where It's At In Worksite NutritionWA-9
200 Kid-Tested Ways to Lower Fat in your Child's Favorite FoodsWB-31
4 Blood Types: 4 Diets -- Eat Right for Your TypeWB-142
A Low-Fat Lifeline for the 90sWB-26
A Whole of Lot of Good Eating CookbookWB-57
Bed & Breakfast CookbookWB-96
Brown Bag SuccessWB-100
Cooking without Your Salt Shaker (Good Low-Salt Recipes)WB-8
Dining Lean: How to Eat Healthy in your Favorite RestaurantsWB-65
Dr. Shapiro's Weight Loss 30-Day PlanWB-155
Healthy Snacks for KidsWB-97
Lickety-Split MealsWB-68
Lunches to Go! Brown Bagging ItWB-101
Microwaving on a DietWB-14
Quick & Healthy Low-Fat CookingWB-20
Quick Meals for Healthy Kids and Busy ParentsWB-30
Quick Meals for Healthy Kids and Busy ParentsWB-30
Skinny SanwichesWB-32
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating SmartWB-82
The Good Fat-Bat FatWB-135
The Healthy Eater's Guide to Family and Chain RestaurantsWB-24
The South Beach Diet CookbookWB-210
The Vegetarian No-Cholesterol BBQ CookbookWB-27
The Vegetarian No-Cholesterol BBQ CookbookWB-27
Weight Watchers 15 Minute CookbookWB-136
Weight Watchers 2002 Annual Recipes for SuccessWB-154
Weight Watchers 2003 Annual Recipes for SuccessWB-176
Weight Watchers 2004 Annual Recipes for SuccessWB-205
Weight Watchers 5 Ingredient 15-Minute CookbookWB-173
Weight Watchers Shortcut CookbookWB-198
All About IronW-236
Cardiovascular NutritionDVD-20
Diversity: Food for ThoughtW-281
Fast Food: The Good And The BadW-238
Freedom From FatW-233
How To Read A Food Label
Reading & Understanding the New Food LabelW-265
Shopping With Susan PowterW-234
Smart Shopping with the Food LabelDVD-23
Smart Supermarket Shopping with the New Food LabelW-232
The Food Guide PyramidW-228
Tomorrow's KitchenW-295
Winning Sports Nutrition: The Training DietW-231
  Audio Tapes
Heart Disease - Not For Men OnlyWA-37
The Other Risk Factors: What Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Weight Won't Tell You about Your Health (2 tape series)WA-72
A Community Guide to Help Save Lives (2 part series)WB-94
Another Chance - Managing Coronary Artery Disease By Aggressively Lowering LipidsWB-139
Challenging Sudden Death:WB-93
Heart Disease/High Blood PressureWB-234
Mayo Clinic on Digestive HealthWB-131
Mayo Clinic On High Blood PressureWB-71
The Complete Idiot's Guide To A Happy, Healthy HeartWB-83
The Physician's Guide - How to Help Your Hypertensive Patients Stop SmokingWB-10
Act In Time: Heart Attack SignsW-325
Blood Pressure - Interesting Stuff To KnowW-167
Heart Disease - The Magnificent Seven Risk FactorsW-168
Hypertension NutritionW-239
Say Good-Bye To High Blood PressureW-169
Shopping for HealthW-224
Shopping For Heart Health:W-171
Time Life Medical: High Blood PressureW-173
Time Life Medical: StrokeW-172
You and Your HeartW-166
  Audio Tapes
What You Don't Know Can Kill You: Implementing An HIV/AIDS Program At the Worksite (2 tape series)WA-34
Facilitating AIDS Education in the Work EnvironmentWB-21
About AIDSW-175
Sexually Transmitted DiseasesDVD-8
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: The Silent EpidemicW-67
  Audio Tapes
Humor WorksWA-10
Love, Laughter, and LasagnaWA-94
Humor and HealingDVD-6
I Love LucyW-293
Handling Materials: Your Questions AnsweredWB-
CPR - Learn To Save A LifeW-183
Home Safety With Sherlock HolmesW-179
Just Say No To Windshields (Seatbelt/Airbag Safety)W-178
Making Healthy Choices: ChangeW-276
Preventing & Managing Computer-Related InjuriesW-271
Road Rage: How To Protect YourselfW-182
Travel Smart, Travel HealthyW-181
Who's Driving: The Distracted DriverW-395
Yes You Can: Surviving a Personal AttackW-180
Asthma: What You Need To KnowW-186
Living With AsthmaW-188
Taking Charge of AsthmaW-187
Creating A Drug-free WorkplaceWB-108
Drug Free WorkplaceWB-151
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Managing PeopleWB-86
11 Essential Steps to Designing a Successful - Work/Family ProgramW-65
EAP Today Video LibraryW-279
Health Cost Management Handbook (Strategies for Employers)WB-3
Health Promotion for All: Strategies for Reaching Diverse Populations at the WorkplaceWB-105
Health Promotion Ideas That Work: 84 Proven Activities For the WorkplaceWB-67
How to Add Sparkle & Pizzazz To Your Health Promotion ProgramWB-211
How To Get IdeasWB-115
The Health Funds Grants Resources Yearbook Eighth EditionWB-114
The Healthy Company: Eight Strategies to Develop People,Productivity, & ProfitWB-101
The Wellness Program Management YearbookWB-113
Wellness R.S.V.P. (Good for Seminars - Questionnaires)WB-6
Creating Wellness: Taking Time, Making TimeDVD-14
Wellness At The WorksiteW-189
Baby & Me: The Essential Guide to PregnancyWB-45
Eating ExpectantlyWB-34
From Here To Maternity: A Complete Pregnancy GuideWB-81
No More Morning SicknessWB-33
Postpartum Survival GuideWB-40
What To Expect When You're ExpectingWB-11
Attention Deficit Disorder: ChildrenW-201
Baby MassageW-197
Child ObesityW-196
Childhood DepressionW-50
Children & Type II DiabetesW-264
Doin' It All For My BabyW-192
Healing Adult Children: Children of NeglectW-53
Healing Adult Children: The Pefect ChildW-55
Nutrition During PregnancyW-319
Our Babies, Our FutureW-191
Post Partum Emotions: The Blues and BeyondW-194
Preconception PlanningW-195
Pre-Natal NutritionW-193
The CPR Review for Infants & ChildrenW-198
Food & Medicine InteractionsW-204
How to Talk to Your PharmacistW-203
Wise Use Of MedicationsW-202
Mayo Clinic on Prostate HealthWB-116
Men's Health & WellnessWB-117
Like This - Education and Inspiration on Prostate CancerW-217
Men & Self-CareW-213
Nutrition For MenW-214
Time Life Medical: Prostate DisordersW-215
What Every Man Should Know About His ProstateW-216
  Audio Tapes
Finding Balance: The Gymnastics of LifeWA-8
From Burnout To Blast OffWA-63
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (6 tape series and workbook)WA-90
The Happiness Of PursuitWA-81
The Science of Self Discipline (6 tapes)WA-99
The Western Guide to Feng Shui: Creating Balance, Harmony, and Prosperity in Your Environment (6 tape series with workbook)WA-92
Life is a Game of ChoiceWB-49
Mental Wellness: Addressing Mental and Spiritual Health at WorkWB-48
Families Coping With Mental IllnessW-73
Feng ShuiW-71
Joy Is A Simple GiftW-69
Organizing from the Inside OutW-323
Overcoming ProcrastinationW-106
Recovering from Traumatic Events: The Healing ProcessW-147
Take Charge of Your LifeW-111
The Happiness of PursuitW-68
  Audio Tapes
Are You a Pink Collar WorkerW-148
Working With African- American Families: Their Health Care Status, Needs & SolutionsWA-71
A Health Promotion Program that Targets Unfit/At-Risk EmployeesWA-41
A New Proactive Model for Worksite Health Promotion: Taking a Hard LookWA-69
An Idea a Minute: Program Ideas that WorkWA-61
Ayruveda: How to Use Eastern Health Promotion Techniques for Innovative 90s ProgrammingWA-68
Becoming Integrated Into Your Company: The Key to Program SuccessWA-44
Benefit Policy Design and Wellness: Is there a Workable Solution?WA-23
Best Practices in Health Plan Design & Wellness Incentives (2-part series)WA-149
Best Practics in Employee Education & Individual Intervention (2-part series)WA-137
Building Your Workplace CommunityWA-2
Creating Wellness Newsletters and FlyersWA-5
Do More For Less: The 33 Hottest Tips for Building Partnerships, Enthusiasm & Participation (4-tape series)WA-52
Estimating the Potential Yield From Worksite Wellness Programs, Analytic Techniques & Factor AnalysisWA-24
Health Promotion in Small BusinessWA-48
Healthy-Happy: The Benefits of Wellness Programs for SeniorsWA-139
How to Motivate Your Employees to Make Lifestyle ChangesWA-64
Implementing a Wellness Bank: Creating the Program Your Employees Have Always Dreamed OfWA-145
Influencing Health Promotion Efforts in the 21st Century: Crafting a Shared Vision (2-tape series)WA-73
Innovative Approaches for Addressing Small Business NeedsWA-46
Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: Tapping Into Existing Products and ServicesWA-47
Let Your Hard to Reach Employees Design Programs for YouWA-25
Life Trek: Motivating Your EmployeesWA-26
Managing Wellness on a ShoestringWA-11
Marketing & Wellness Programs & Services on the InternetWA-70
Part 1 Don't Ignore the Men!WA-102
Part 2 Shiftworker Lifestyle TrainingWA-103
Part 3 Obtaining Senior Level SupportWA-104
Part 4 Strategies for Turning Employees into Wellness SeekersWA-105
Part 5 Maximizing Life with Chronic Illness
Pleasure Principle: Appealing to Hard-to-Reach Populations (2-tape series)WA-14
Practical & Inexpensive Evaluation Strategies for Worksite Wellness ProgramsWA-62
Practical Strategies for Online Wellness Programming & Data Management for Employee Healthy Promotion ProgramsWA-143
Program Survival TacticsWA-16
Returning to Base Camp Strategies for a Common PurposeWA-82
Six Secrets of a Wellness CoordinatorWA-17
Soft Touch Tactics for a Hard Hitting ProgramWA-18
Special New Ways to Market Wellness & Cam BusinessWA-147
Starting a Wellness Program (4-tape series)WA-53
Strut Your Stuff: Measuring and Communicating SuccessWA-19
Targeting High-Risk Employees: Strategies that WorkWA-43
Teaching and Reaching More People: An Introduction to Learning StylesWA-30
Team Building: Creating Committees that WorkWA-20
The Nuts and Bolts: How to Start a Wellness Program (2-tape series)WA-22
The Six Most Important Steps You Can Take Today to Double or Triple Any Wellness InitiativeWA-54
Understanding the Blue Collar Culture: The Key to Enhancing Wellness Program ParticipationWA-31
Wellness Goes On-Line: The Complete Idiot's Guide to E-Mail, etc.WA-58
Wellness Programming on a Shoestring: Creatively Managing Your ResourcesWA-66
Wellness Programs (5 parts)WA-101
World Wide Wellness on the World Wide Web (and other Global Connections)WA-76
  Audio Tapes
Achieving a Balance: Policies and Programs to Assist Working ParentsWA-42
Balancing Work & Family (2 cassettes)WA-115
Beating the Mealtime Blues: Getting Kids to Eat Right at Home and At SchoolWA-55
Emotional Intelligence: Changing the Future for Us & For Our ChildrenWA-75
Managing Personal Change (2 cassettes)WA-114
Part 1: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleWA-110
Part 2: Living the 7 HabitsWA-111
Part 3: First Things FirstWA-112
Part 4: Principle-Centered LeadershipWA-113
Survival Guide for Working FamiliesWA-60
The 7 Habits Audio Library
A New Look At ADHAW-51
Building Better Families: DisciplineW-398
Building Better Families: Guidelines For Raising Happy, Healthy ChildrenW-251
Building Better Families: Self EsteemW-259
Building Better Families: TeensW-397
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenting, Learning & TeachingW-78
Healing Adult Children: A Child's View of the WorldW-237
How To Be A Parent & Human TooW-113
Managing the Defiant ChildW-301
Parenting Today: Who's In ChargeW-225
Parenting with HumorW-200
The Working Mom's Survival GuideW-252
The Working Mom's Survival Guide (2nd copy)W-318
  Audio Tapes
Affirming Your Success
Balancing Mind/Body/Spirit
Celebrating Your Strengths
Creating a Positive Focus
How To Build High Self- Esteem (6 tapes-12 parts)WA-106
Response Ability
Setting and Achieving Goals
The Power of Completion
The Power of Effective Listening (with guide book)WA-89
The Power of Positive Action
The Tri-Synch Integration Process
Thinking Outside The Lines (6 cassettes)WA-116
What is Self-Esteem?
About Self-EsteemW-75
Chicken Soup For The Soul: Learning to Love YourselfW-77
Chicken Soup For The Soul: Living Your Dreams, Overcoming ObstaclesW-79
Connect: The Power of Human RelationshipsW-211
Healthy RelationshipsW-139
Love & Survival: The Healing Power of Love & IntimacyV-204
Self-Esteem WorkoutV-151
Shiftwork: Family & Social LifeW-100
Suviving DivorceW-317
Taking Responsibility for Your ChoicesW-185
The Healing Power of Love and IntimacyW-96
Confronting Sexual Harassment (w/worksheet masters)WB-162
Rape AwarenessW-177
Workplace Relationships: Preventing Sexual HarassmentW-84
  Audio Tapes
Circadian Rhythms: Missing The Beat With Shift WorkWA-56
Fatigue &The Workplace A Societal ConcernWA-142
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Getting A Good Night's SleepWB-85
Good Mornings! The X, Y, ZZZ's To Better SleepW-396
Time Life Medical: InsomniaW-99
  Audio Tapes
Comprehensive Help for "Hard Core " Smokers: Finally an ApproachThat WorksWA-146
Nicoderm Patch Behavioral Modification: Support And Proper UseWA-12
Preparing To Quit Smoking WorkshopWA-15
The Issue Of The Nineties: Second Hand SmokeWA-21
Ashes to Ashes: Snuffing Out the Tobacco EpidemicWB-35
The Physician's Guide - How to Help Your Hypertensive Patients Stop SmokingWB-10
(Nicotine Patch)
60 Minutes To A Smoke Free LifeW-242
A Firsthand Lesson In Secondhand SmokW-329
A Witch's Brew...Secondhand Smoke In The WorkplaceW-338
Cigarette Smoking: Calling It QuitsW-310
Exercise & Smoking CessationW-141
How To Quit National Wellness Stop Smoking Kit Includes: Audio Tapes/Video Cassette Workbook/Contract for LifeW-280
Is Smoking Affecting Your Work Place?W-330
Physical Effects of SmokingW-335
Quitters Can Be Winners: A Patient Guide on the Proper Use of Nicorette Gum In Stopping SmokingW-288
Quitting TimeDVD-11
Smoking & DiabetesW-226
Smoking & NutritionDVD-22
Smoking CessationDVD-10
  Audio Tapes
Living Well With Invisible Chronic DiseaseW-138
Are Headaches Giving Your Bottom Line A Pounding?WB-133
Flu Response: Prepare Your Employees/Protect Your OrganizationWB-132
Headaches: What You Should Know/What You Should DoWB-278
Lupus and You A Guide to Understanding, Managing,and Living With Systemic LupusWB-138
Attention Deficit Disorder: AdultsW-184
Colds & Flu - There's No Place Like HomeW-245
Eye Care: A Natural ApproachW-83
Hepatitis BDVD-12
Hepatitis CDVD-13
Hypertension NutritionV-320
Osteoporosis Prevention: Food and Fitness for Strong BonesW-66
Time Life Medical: Cataracts at Time of DiagnosisW-338
Time Life Medical: Gallstones at Time of DiagnosisW-380
Time Life Medical: Infertility at Time of DiagnosisW-381
Time Life Medical: Migraine & Other Headaches at Time of DiagnosisW-385
Time Life Medical: Thyroid Disorders at Time of DiagnosisW-382
Time Life Medical: Ulcers (Gastrointestinal) at Time of DiagnosisW-384
Your Digestive SystemW-223
  Audio Tapes
Facing Stress Head-OnWA-7
How To Organize Your Life and Get Rid of Clutter (Four Tape Series)WA-87
Part 1 Increase Your Energy
Part 2 Defuse Stress
Part 3 Power Boost Your Career
RELAX-You May Only Have A Few Minutes Left (2 tape series)WA-96
Stress Workshop (3 Part Series)WA-35
Transforming The Traumatic Workplace Of The 90'sWA-65
Unlimited Energy (3 Parts)WA-107
Managing Stress Before It Manages YouWB-9
Stress Survival KitWB-23
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing StressWB-95
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Managing Your TimeWB-87
The Complete Idiot's Guide to MeditationWB-89
  Compact Disks
Brainwave Suite 4 Compact disc setCD-2
Adapting to StressW-102
Fear and Stress in the WorkplaceW-321
Humor Your Stress: Just for the Fun of ItW-110
Job Stress: Handling Workplace PressureW-104 Childhood StressW-115
Letting Go of StressW-334
Lives in BalanceW-356
Making Healthy Choices: 4 Healthy StressW-277
Managing Job Stress: Balancing Work & HomeW-306
Managing Job Stress: Controlling the WorkloadW-307
Managing Job Stress: Handling Workplace PressureW-104
Managing Job Stress: People PressuresW-305
Managing Job Stress: Surviving the Changing WorkplaceW-302
Ode to Joy - Why Your Attitude MattersW-342
Staying Healthy In A Stressful World: The Importance of Managing StressW-116
Staying Healthy in a Stressful World: The Importance of Managing StressDVD-7
Stress & AnxietyW-81
Stress Management A Natural ApproachW-112
Stress Management Secrets for SupervisorsDVD-15
Success with Stress: Build Healthy RelationshipsW-313
Success with Stress: Develop New Stress SkillsW-299
Success with Stress: Get Ready for ChangeW-256
Success with Stress: Manage a Fast-Paced LifeW-314
Success with Stress: Replace Self-Defeating BehaviorsW-300
The Joy of StressW-108
The Stress Management ConnectionW-262
The Ten Greatest Stress Tips On EarthW-103
Wellness Mind & Body Relaxation SystemW-149
Children of AlcoholicsW-70
Cirrhosis of the LiverW-240
Depression & Substance AbuseW-320
Healing Adult Children: Children of AddictionW-56
Substance Abuse in the ElderlyW-357
Treatment of AddictionDVD-18
What Everyone Should Know About Drug Abuse (Includes 3-loaner booklets: "What Everyone Should Know About Drug Abuse", "Drugs And You", and "Chemical Dependency: Is There a Problem?")W-261
Women with Alcohol DependencyW-343
  Audio Tapes
Taming the Diet DragonWA-29
Dieting for DummiesWB-145
Eating Thin For Life - Food Secrets & Recipes From People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept It OffWB-51
Microwaving On A Diet (Good Microwave Recipes)WB-14
Play Your Cards Right: Stay YoungWB-19
The Perricone PrescriptionWB-209
Thin For Life - 10 Keys To Success From People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept If OffWB-50
Weight Watchers Miracle Food: More Fruits, More VeggiesWB-148
All About FatDVD-24
Don't Diet: Think LightW-289
Dump Your Plump: (How To Run A Weight Control Contest)W-241
Eating Healthy for Weight ControlW-285
Eating to Live, Living to EatW-254
How To Avoid Weight Gain When You Stop SmokingW-257
Mindful EatingW-249
One on One Weight LossW-248
Overweight & ObesityW-244
Shopping for Health: Weight ManagementW-246
Stress Management for DietersW-105
The Very Low Carbohydrate DietDVD-21
Thin DiningW-243
Time Life Medical: Overweight & ObesityW-247
Yoga Conditioning for Weight LossW-148
  Audio Tapes
Out Smarting the Female Fat CellWA-50
Speaking of Menopause (2 tape series)WA-28
In Sickness & In Health (Status of Women's Health In N.C.)WB-12
Outsmarting The Female Fat CellWB-28
Perimenopause: Changes In Women's Health After 35WB-59
Reproducible ResourceWB-99
Strong Women Stay SlimWB-91
Strong Women Stay YoungWB-90
The Bodywise WomanWB-44
The Complete Book of MenopauseWB-39
  Kopy Kits
Women's Health by Parlay International (May be copied for bulletin boards or newsletters)
and Breast Cancer
Celebrating Menopause: What Every Woman Needs to Know Before Age 50W-324
Menopause and the Time Before MenopauseW-379
PMS: It's Not In Your HeadW-287
Shopping for Women's Health: Reduce Your Risks of OsteoporosisW-224
Understanding MenopauseW-290
Vive La Difference! Women & NutritionW-336
Women and DepressionW-101
Women's Bodies, Women's MindsW-144