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 Research & Surveys 

The League's research serves two primary purposes. The first is to provide data and information to member municipalities to assist in both their daily operations and long-range planning. The second is to support the League's advocacy and lobbying work.

Municipal Data and Surveys

The League compiles data from across the state, often through the use of member surveys, to analyze and present information to members. Among the topics covered in reports and memos regularly produced by the League are the following:

For a full list of available memos and survey results, please visit the League's Document Library. Access to some documents may be limited only to League members.

Legislative Research

The League's research team also conducts extensive analysis of legislative proposals. This includes examining the financial impact of any legislation that could potentially affect municipal revenues or expenditures, and determining which municipalities would be affected by different legislative proposals. This can be accomplished through review of existing statewide data but also oftentimes requires ad hoc or informal surveying of members to determine how legislation may affect municipalities based on size, geography, or the types of services offered.

Contact Us

For more information on the League's research and surveying, please contact one of the staff members listed below.

Chris Nida - Revenue Forecasting Memo, water/wastewater rates, tax rates/budget adjustment, municipal salaries, fringe benefits, COLA and merit pay, solid waste, general research inquiries

Links to external data about North Carolina municipal governments: