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 Southern City 

Southern City

Few industries require such a wide variety of equipment, supplies and services as do municipal governments. Whether elected or appointed, in the big city or the small town, the officials you want to reach read Southern City. They are the people who make purchasing decisions about products and services for their municipalities. Click here to read previous versions of Southern City online!

Only Southern City reaches this target audience 6 times a year through more than 6,500 subscriptions (many of which are read by more than one person) to municipal officials in more than 540 cities, towns and villages. That represents virtually 100 percent coverage of the municipal marketplace in North Carolina.

How else could you reach 540 mayors, more than 3,000 governing board members, 508 clerks and more than 300 city and town managers and administrators?

Southern City is the marketplace to reach top municipal officials and department directors in: public works & utilities; engineering; budget, finance & purchasing; law enforcement & public safety; parks & recreation; planning & community and economic development; water & sewage treatment; and personnel & human resources. Other recipients include county, state and federal decision makers; libraries, universities and professors; state organizations; other state municipal associations; print media and individual subscribers.

These are Southern City’s readers. They are an eager audience, willing to learn about your product or service. If you want to reach them, advertise in Southern City today. Click here to learn about advertising opportunities.