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Southern City and League Letter Advertising Opportunities 


Career opportunity ads are available for both League Letter and Southern City. Career ads are from municipalities and private firms that would like to hire employees with local government experience. The charge is $2 per line with approximately 7 words per line. (A 200-word document, for example, would cost about $57.) We also offer online-only ads that cost $2.50 per line. These ads DO NOT go in our print publications. Advertisers are billed at the end of each month. Email for more information related to classified ads. Please email your job ads in a Word document and not PDF format.

Deadlines for League Letter career ads

League Letter publishes each Tuesday. Career ads are due the Thursday prior to publications. Email ads to in Word format.

Southern City publication calendar and deadlines for display ads

Publication  Ad Content Deadline Mailing
March/April 2017 February 17 April
May/June 2017 April 14 June
July/August 2017 June 16 August
September/October 2017 August 18 October
November/December 2017 October 13 December
January/February 2018 December 15 February (2018)

Display advertising guide

Businesses and organizations find Southern City an affordable way to reach local government officials. See below for ad sizes and rates or download our rate card and ad specifications.

Ad size/Rate per insertion



Covers (Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover, Back Cover), 4-color

Back Cover - 8.375" w x 8.3" h

$1,400 $1,200

Full Page Ad
4-color, inside position, limited pages 8.375" w x 10.875" h



Half Page Ad
Horizontal: 7.875" w x 4.937" h
Vertical: 3.875" w x 10" h



One-Quarter Page Block Ad
Vertical: 3.875" w x 4.937" h



One-Eighth Page Block Ad
Horizontal: 3.875" w x 2.34" h 



Call 844-423-7272 (Toll-Free) or email League partner Innovative Publishing to place an ad or if you have questions related to advertising in Southern City.