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 Visiting The Legislature 

Where do you park?

City officials can park for free in two locations: (1) the parking lot on the Albert Coates Local Government Center campus (215 N. Dawson Street), or (2) the Quorum Center parking deck (323 W. Jones Street – enter the deck from Harrington Street).

From both of these locations, you walk three blocks east on Jones Street to get to the legislative complex: N.C. Legislative Building ("LB"-16 West Jones Street), and the Legislative Office Building ("LOB" – 300 N. Salisbury Street) directly behind the Legislative Building.

Before you travel to Raleigh

It is a good idea to arrange meetings with your legislative members before traveling to Raleigh. You will find contact information for your delegation at the NC General Assembly website or by calling the General Assembly at 919-733-7928.

Try to set up a meeting with the legislator's Legislative Assistant (LA). We would appreciate knowing of your plans and the subject of your meetings. If we can help, call us at 949-715-4000.

When you visit, where will you find your legislators?

Legislators can typically be found in their offices, in committee meetings, or on the floor of either the House or Senate. You will not be allowed to enter the floor of either chamber while they are in session (only the viewing gallery – third floor LB), but sometimes it is possible for your legislator to break away to meet with you for a minute or two outside the chamber on the second floor of LB.

It is best to prearrange these meetings, but you may be able to pass a note to a legislator during session, by asking a sergeant-at-arms member (standing just inside each door of the chamber) to deliver it.

Where can you find copies of bills?

Bills can be found (1) on the General Assembly website under the "Find Bills by Number" or "Search Bill Text," (2) in either the House or Senate Libraries in LB, (3) at the bill copy desk in LB – 1300 quad, or (4) in the LOB Library.

Where can you eat?

Fortunately, there are a number of convenient places to eat, both on and off the legislative campus. LB contains a cafeteria, snack bar and vending machines on the Basement level, and LOB contains a snack bar and vending machines on the 1st floor. A wide variety of other restaurants are within walking distance of the LB and the NCLM office.

If you need help

Any member of the League's Governmental Affairs Team can assist you in preparing for your visit, or helping point the way when you are in town. Call us prior to your visit at 919-715-4000.