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League LINC

League LINC, the Legislative Information Network of Communities, is the grassroots network established for and powered by city and town municipal officials, leaders and professionals. The League LINC mission is to engage League members and their communities in legislative advocacy in a way that gains strength through unity and provides value through relationships.

The League's elected municipal officials and staff members serving their communities are all affected by state and federal decisions. The League LINC program encourages participation in the advocacy process in a number of different ways. League LINC members record their relationships with state legislators, have conversations with state decision-makers, serve on League policy committees, participate in Quick Connect Teams, serve on state boards and commissions, keep track of important bills, understand issues important to municipalities, and attend many events to interact with legislators, such as Town Hall Day.

JOIN LEAGUE LINC. This is your chance to be the link to change in your community, connecting you and your residents with those elected to state leadership.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can

change the world.  Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. 

~ Margaret Mead

Why Join League LINC?

The League LINC effort involves a joining together in a way we've perhaps not reached before. State decision-makers need to feel your presence in a new and forceful way to successfully influence legislation and policy changes to benefit our hometown communities.

It's about the numbers. Together, N.C. cities and towns represent:

  • 542 member cities
  • 3,162 elected municipal officials
  • 5,097,418 municipal residents
  • 55% of the state population
  • 75% of all jobs in North Carolina